Wearing a watch is so much more than keeping track of time; it’s making a statement.
And when you need to make a statement that will last forever, consider the masterful
timepieces that are available here at Michael K. Jewelers. We only carry brands of the
finest quality and ensure their ability to present the exceptional stature and style you
expect to show and feel while keeping the time that you need.

Michael K. Jewelers has a passion for fine timepieces and that is why we understand how
important it is when choosing a watch. We carry a superb collection of watches for both
men and women in many different styles and brands.

Michael K. Jewelers is also an authorized dealer so our customers can rest assured that all
of our watches come with a full warranty.

Do you have your heart set on a timepiece we don’t have in stock? Don’t worry, we can
locate any watch you want within 24 hours and still save you money. Please call us at
(310) 208-1818 or email us at michaelk26@verizon.net to schedule a private showing.

For more information please stop by our store, give us a call or email us.