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“I had an excellent experience at Michael K Jewelers shopping for wedding bands for me
and my fiancé. Our first visit was to the Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelers across the street,
which had a nice selection but we were put off by the high prices, so we took note of the
style and kept shopping.

When we entered Michael K. Jewelers we were greeted by Michael himself, who asked
us what we were looking. He was mindful of our budget and showed me several men’s
wedding bands. They didn’t have as big of a selection as Sarah Leonard, but he promised
with 100% confidence that he could custom make any ring piece to look just like the
style we liked from other shops. We went through a catalog and found the closest style
to what I liked, except it didn’t have the Milgrain pattern, he said there is no problem
to add it in. I even got to specify the kind of polish (satin, stone polish, high polish),
which given the shape of the design, should have been hard to put in. A sample ring was
ordered and came in a week later, it looked just like the style I liked from Sarah Leonard,
but with the custom polish that I chose, and at 3/5 of the price of competing jewelers. It
required a minor correction that I wanted to make, it’s just a sample but Michael took
detailed notes on them and assured me that he will make sure the final ring will be
exactly what I wanted.

I went ahead and ordered the final ring and got it in 3 weeks, and it looked perfect, with
the correction in place so I was very impressed. I am an engineer by trade and am very
particular about how precision pieces should look, so it’s not easy to impress me. It was
done at the end of week 2 but due to my busy work schedule, I wasn’t able to pick up the
ring for a week after it was ready to be picked up. Michael then offered to deliver it to
my office. Michael goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfactions and that is
something I respect a great deal. I will definitely come shop again for future occasions.”

- Kuangwei H. in Santa Monica, CA



“I’ve been to many jewelry stores browsing, buying and talking to the salespeople
about their products. Many of those salespeople were helpful and knowledgeable, but
quite a few are patronizing, clueless or high-pressure salesmen.

The high-pressure sales pitch, especially, became a pet peeve of mine when shopping for
my fiancé’s engagement ring. I had a very hard time trusting those salespeople and those
stores with such an important purchase. They’d try to shift me from what I had in mind to
what they have in store. Or they’d try to up sell me.

I’d shopped with Michael K before and knew him to be a warm, sincere and helpful
person. So, on my next visit to Los Angeles, I made sure to stop into his store and ended
up purchasing a one of a kind engagement ring there. We’re both thrilled with the ring
and we always receive compliments on the ring.

A year later, we needed to have the setting adjusted and Michael took care of it for us,
ensuring we were totally satisfied with the result. Buying at Michael K, I’m confident
that I’m getting a high quality product and great customer service.

Oh, and one more thing … he’s got amazing prices.
Thank you Michael K!”

- karzbi



“You just have to know what you want and you can get a really great deal on the

- lookitsandy



“I just got the best deal on a very expensive watch and jewelry for my wife- the pricing
was better than Internet pricing! I am the type to always stare at watches from afar, try
them on to see if I like them and then look for the best deals on the internet. I have been
in and out of the shop for several years always looking and never buying and the owner
always treated me fair and never pressured me into buying. I’ve been to many places
where they do the hard sell or try to bully you into buying if you try it on, I never got
any of that, just a good attitude, and the quote beat any pricing I’ve seen so far, and trust
me I do my homework. The jewelry for my wife (several diamond rings) is superb and

appraised by a third party appraiser for considerably more. The wife is very happy with
the quality and please believe me it is hard to please my wife with jewelry as she will
only accept the best. I am sending all my guy friends there from now on for their watch
addictions and of course to get something for the wifey too.”

- irishabacus



“Michael and his staff provided excellent service, with no pressure to this first time ring
buyer. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase fine jewelry at a great

- Adam S.



“We picked up my ring today, and it’s BREATHTAKING! We are so thankful to
Michael for helping us design my ring. As of today he is officially our jeweler. You will
feel very comfortable working with Michael. He is honest and patient and his expertise is
much appreciated. We truly believe that we got the best price for the quality we chose.”

- Stacey L.



“Michael K. Jewelers & Staff, thank you for all your help & consideration throughout
this process for such a memorable moment in each of our lives. You and your staff made
everything so smooth and easy. Thanks for all your thoughtfulness & compassion for
what you’re so great at doing!”

- Amanda B.